About Houston Family Foundation

Here are responses to some Frequently Asked Questions of the Houston Family Foundation

1. Does the HFF have a membership, and do I have to be a member to attend an activity?

No, the HFF does not have a membership. Anyone can attend an activity. There are no membership cards, no dues and no qualifications to attend an HFF activity.

2. Then where does HFF draw its participants?

The participants in the HFF activities are friends, colleagues and family. The HFF does not advertise at all. With very few exceptions, participants have come to know about HFF by word of mouth.

3. Who runs the HFF?

Three couples who rely on friends, family and colleagues to help them with the logistics of holding and funding activities, direct the HFF. The board of directors is available on the website.

4. Are there other organizations like the HFF in Houston?

Not to the best of our knowledge. Many churches and parishes have family assistance training available. However, they are usually based on a religious approach to upbringing. We firmly support that type of approach. That said we also believe that our unique approach of virtue and character development is just as important.

In short, going to church alone does not make children into good people. The adults that we know and respect, whoever they may be, are respected largely because of the virtues they exhibit. These are the folks that we admire because they are very responsible (Justice) they are hard-working (Fortitude), they show good judgement (Prudence) and they display remarkable self-control (Temperance).

These are the four cardinal virtues, and they are not necessarily learned and developed in a catechism class.

5. Is HFF part of any church or other political or social organization?

The HFF is not connected in any way with any religious, political, social or governmental agency. HFF is a totally independent Texas non-profit corporation. It is also non-denominational, since virtue and character are not unique to any religion.

6. How long has HFF been around? Was it an outgrowth of something else?

HFF was incorporated in the state of Texas on August 1st of 2000.

It could be said that HFF was started by a handful of fathers who saw the need for character development in their young children. In 1997 the first of a series of speakers were bought to Houston by these dads.

At many of these early get-togethers many participants would ask when the next event would be, or if they could get on the mailing list, or what else was offered along these lines. Of course, there was no mailing list, or even a plan for the next event. In addition, the logistics of financing and scheduling the talks became burdensome for the dads who were volunteering their time.

The HFF was formed to answer the above issues, and to provide a vehicle for providing even more tools and encouragement to the men and women who recognize that their most important job in life is that of raising their children to be great men and women.