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2014-2015 Course Offering:

ADOLESCENCE COURSE (For parents with children from 14 to 16 years old)

Between the conflicts and crisis of this phase, many of the values transmitted by the family during infancy, begin now to dull, be contrasted and assimilated.

How to really love your teenager

In this course, which makes use of the case study method, parents discover the value of their adolescent children and discover how to efficiently communicate in moments of crisis. In addition, they will analyze the social tendencies that impact the development of their adolescent’s fragile personality.

Adolescence Course Topics

  • Crisis and the challenges of adolescence
  • Discovering adolescent values
  • Sexual awakening: effervescence and self-control
  • Self-esteem and personal style
  • Value of the image of the body: anorexia and other trends
  • Authority. Models that go against the grain
  • Adolescent partying
  • Religion and the intimacy of the person
  • Leisure, free time and freedom
  • The family project

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If your new to Family Enrichment and would love to know more about the program and the different courses offered you are invited to attend a free information session being offered during the months of November thru December in and around Houston.

Information Sessions:

November 3, 2014(Sunday) at 3:00pm November 16, 2014(Sunday) at 3:00pm December 6, 2014(Saturday) at 3:00pm December 13, 2014(Saturday) at 3:00pm


  • Western Academy
  • 1511 Butlercrest Houston, Texas 77080

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Upcoming “First Decisions” Course (Fall 2013 - Spring 2014)

In the years between 8 and 11, children feel comfortable in the environment they are involved in. As a consequence they find themselves taking a great quantity of personal decisions in many daily situations. To be able to choose, children need to have a scale of values to use as reference.

In this course using the case study method, parents analyze the importance to live according to a scale of values, how to transmit and how to help them acquire these values.

See course details on the right. For inquiries about this program drop us a note.

If your new to Family Enrichment and would love to know more about the program and the different courses offered you are encouraged to attend a free demo presentation being offered during the months of September thru December in and around Houston. You can sign-up to receive more information on any upcoming demo near you by registering for a demo here.

Course enrollment is now closed!

First Decisions Course Topics

  • Introduction. First decisions, a step forward
  • Characters
  • Family Life
  • Strengthening the Will
  • The use of leisure time. Reading, sports and the media
  • Mutual Understanding in Marriage
  • Educating for Love
  • Religious Education
  • Family and School
  • Authority and Responsibility

What is Family Enrichment?

Family Enrichment is dedicated to support the family by helping parents through a positive approach that provides an opportunity for personal growth and enrichment in developing their abilities to raise their children.

It is based on participative methodology that promotes the following goals:

  • To promote a deeper understanding of the true nature of the institution of marriage between a man and a woman, and the awareness of strengthening the marriage and family for the betterment of society.
  • To educate married couples regarding the human virtues that enhance and strengthen their marriage and their Role as Primary Educators of their Children.
  • To develop in Couples/Parents the skills of analytical thinking, decision making and goal setting as are applicable to their married and family life.
  • To encourage couples/parents to develop a spirit of service within their family and to nurture each member to become a responsible and generous member of society.

IFFD International Day of the Families

Proven Program From I.F.F.D.™ Activities in Family Enrichment Programs started in the 1960s with aid programmes for parents based on the case method and applying participative methodology.

After more than 30 years of experience in those courses, IFFD was set up in Orlando (Florida, USA), during the 14th International Family Congress (January 1998).

We currently operate in 58 countries on the five continents: Argentina - Australia - Austria - Belgium - Bolivia - Brazil - Cameroon - Canada - Chile - China - Colombia - Costa Rica - Croatia - Czech Republic - Ecuador - El Salvador - Estonia - France - Germany - Guatemala - Honduras - Hungary - India - Ireland - Israel - Italy - Ivory Coast - Japan - Kenya - Latvia - Lebanon - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Mexico - Netherlands - New Zealand - Nigeria - Norway - Panama - Peru - Philippines - Poland - Portugal - Puerto Rico - D. R. Congo - Singapore - Slovakia - Slovenia - South Africa - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Trinidad Tobago - Uganda - United Kingdom - United States - Uruguay - Venezuela

Each year, more than 500 courses are held for around 18,000 participants, and other 600 events are organized for some 34,000 attendants.

Summing up, over 50,000 people benefit annually from our activities. IFFD’s mission is very simple: making happy families all over the world.